Ascent & DaVinci car charger

With this convenient car charger, you'll always be ready to vape!

Ascent glass mouthpiece set

The Ascent features a glass air path for an unique and unparalleled vaping experience. Unfortunately glass parts tend to be fragile and mouthpieces tend to clog. With this spare set of two glass piece...

Ascent metal pick

Use the metal pick to unclog your Ascent or stir the herb bowl.

Ascent straight water tool adapter

The custom made straight water tool adapter lets you hook up your Ascent vaporizer to any bong with a 14 mm or 18 mm fitting, for a much cooler en rehydrated vapour. Especially recommended for leaves...

Available in: 14 mm 18 mm

Ascent U-shaped water tool adapter

This U-shaped water tool adapter was specifically built for the Ascent vaporizer. The uniquely shaped 100% glass piece allows for the hands free use of loose leaf or oils.

Available in: 14 mm 18 mm

Glass vaporizer bubbler

This bubbler is a breath of fresh air for the true vape fans. No more sore throats from high temperature vapes with this attachment. Compatible with multiple vaporizers.