Ces produits, auxquels on fait parfois référence sous le nom de "herbal X", contiennent des mélanges d'herbes stimulantes et de vitamines qui vous donneront un boost d'énergie euphorisante.


It’s all in the name. With Energy-E you’ll feel charged up and uninhibited throughout the night.


The ‘happiest’ cap was also known under the name Smile-E. Because of the blissful effects you’ll simply want to grin from ear to ear!

Ilex Guayusa teinture

Teinture d'Ilex Guayusa pour un boost d'énergie efficace.


Kokmok liqueur contains the natural stimulants Kolanut, Galangal and Guarana. This cardamom-flavoured drink gives an energy blast that keeps you dancing throughout the night.

Lemon X

Lemon X increases the release of adrenaline, your body’s own energizing super fluid. It is the ideal energy party product for those who want to stay awake and feel energized.


MDNX is a natural party pill for real die hards. Boost your adrenaline to party level. Enjoy the sensation of MDNX


Moonwalk (14,9% alc.) is a stimulating and aphrodisiac liqueur that tastes great and keeps you floating all night long.


Party-E intensifies the party sensation to the next level. Whether you're drinking, dancing, talking or flirting, you'll feel those party vibes getting multiplied.


Space-E is now in a new and improved formula! It contains a unique blend of powerful ingredients to fuel your party needs.

Stargate 2.0

Stargate is a new state-of-the-art herbal formula that comes very close to ‘the real thing’. It contains a clever combination of energy and euphoria stimulants that will boost every sensation to the...

Available in: 6 caps pack, 5 pieces 24 caps pack, 5 pieces

Supercaps Xtreme

This extreme herbal formula gives an enlivened and euphoric feeling. Contains theobromine, which is a potent energizer with aphrodisiac qualities.

Available in: 30 caps 100 caps

Ultimate X

An absolutely unique blend of natural ingredients giving you plenty of energy!

Yellow Subs Xtreme

Boost your energy to new heights with this extreme energy formula from D&E. You have nothing to lose but that tired feeling!

Available in: 30 caps 100 caps