Accessoires fumeur

Tout ce dont le fumeur a besoin : des feuilles à rouler, des filtres, des briquets, des boîtes, du matériel de nettoyage et bien plus encore.

Briquet micro torche (Honest)

Briquet torche pratique avec flamme puissante en toutes circonstances.

Available in: bleu argent noir anthracite

Briquet torche (Honest)

Un briquet torche simple et fiable par Honest.

Briquet torche 4 flammes (Cohiba)

Comment assurer une flamme en toute circonstance ? Avec quatre flammes bien sûr. Ce briquet torche Cohiba allumera tout avec une flamme puissante et stable.

Filter book

Filter book with 50 tips

Filter tips Greengo

100% unbleached Greengo filter tips. Size: 60 x 20 mm.

Greengo tobacco substitute (pouch)

The Greengo pouch contains a natural herbal blend that's just like tobacco, but actually 100% tobacco & nicotine free. Enjoy a smoke without addiction with this all natural tobacco substitute.

Humidifying stone Greengo

Greengo humidifying stone to keep your tobacco moist. Allow the tobacco stone to absorb a few drops of water and place it in your tobacco (or smoking mix) pouch, to ensure it stays fresh.

Kingsize roller

A new creation from Futurola. For making kingsize joints.

Lighter Greengo

A disposable lighter in Greengo style.

Lighter hyper torch

Compact torch lighter with a powerful jet flame. Torch lighters have a hotter flame than normal lighters, making them more suitable for heating herbs which require a higher temperature to give off the...

Lighter Torjet WindProof Jet-Flame Assor...

The refillable Torjet lighter may look like any other lighter, but produces an epic adjustable jet-flame that's also windproof. 


Create your own waterpipe out of any plastic bottle, instantly! Just poke a hole in the bottle with the Poke-n-Smoke to create an airtight seal and enjoy your improvised waterpipe.

Pow! Pow! cleaner

Clean your bong, pipe or vaporizer accessory with Pow! Pow! cleaner. Just add the mix to warm water, let the item soak and rinse. Suitable for glass, metal, acrylic and ceramic objects.

Roach Clip Glass Dice

This small glass dice isn't meant for rolling, but it does make your roach clip look extra stylish.

Roach Clip Glass Mushroom

Hold on to the last bit of joint in style. This pack of roach clips contains 4 glass mushrooms roach clips in 4 different colours.


A simple tool to help you roll the perfect joint.

Rollmate pipe

A nice two-in-one tool to roll the perfect joint or to use as a smoking pipe.

Saverette Amsterdam

This saverette simply honours its name: a proper design for saving your joint, cigar or cigarette. It will immediately put out whichever you put in to save for later.

Available in: 110 mm 90 mm

Saverette king size

Eteignez ce que vous fumez de manière immédiate avec ce protecteur grande taille. Taille : 110 mm

Saverette Kingsize Leaf

This saverette simply honours its name: a proper design for saving your joint, cigar or cigarette. It will immediately put out whichever your weapon of choice may be.

Smoking king size paper

The "Miquel y Costas & Miquel" rolling paper company was founded in 1879 in Barcelona, Spain. In 1929 they introduced the brand name "Smoking". Their high quality paper became an icon of various gener...

Available in: master silver, 50 pieces red, 50 pieces slim gold, 50 pieces eco, 50 pieces green, 50 pieces black deluxe, 50 pieces brown, 50 pieces blue, 50 pieces

Smoking paper Greengo 1 1/4

Greengo smoking papers gives a truly natural smoking experience. The rolling papers are unbleached and produced from FSC certified pulp.

Smoking paper Greengo king size

Unbleached smoking paper by Greengo not only tastes better, it's also better for the environment.

Available in: regular, 50 pieces slim, 50 pieces

Smoking paper Greengo king size 2 in 1

Environment friendly unbleached 2-in-1 smoking paper from Greengo, for a pure and natural smoke.

Available in: slim, 24 pieces regular, 24 pieces

Smoking paper Greengo rolls

Greengo papers are the first rolling papers to be made from real unbleached paper. Available in slim (44 mm) and wide (53 mm) roll with 4 meters of rolling paper.

Available in: slim, 24 pieces wide, 24 pieces

Typhon for cartridges (Hydra Vapor Tech)

A Typhon for cartridges elevates the vaping of e-liquids to a stylish new level.