Nous proposons une large gamme de pipes en bois, métal, acrylique et autres combinaisons de matériaux.

Corleone filtres pipe

Les filtres pipes Corleone sont adaptés à votre pipe en bois. Il est important de remplacer le filtre de sa pipe en bois de temps en temps.

Pipe champignon magique

Joli porte-clés aux champignons qui se transforme en pipe.

Available in: violet noir

Pipe glass base

A versatile glass pipe. Suitable as pipe for herbs when the flame is sucked in from the top, but when heated from below it doubles as a vaporizer for oils and concentrates.

Pipe Glass Cosmic Flower

The Cosmic Flower pipe features inside-out artwork. Normally the art is painted on top of the glass, but with this pipe the outer layer is completely untouched glass and the art is just underneath the...

Pipe Glass Gandalf

The favourite pipe of the greatest wizard in Middle Earth. Available as 9" Silver or 12" Frosted White. A flat base on the bowl prevents the pipe from rolling away when you put it down.

Available in: silver frosted white

Pipe glass Gandalf (medium)

Medium-sized glass Gandalf pipe by Red Eye.

Pipe glass Hardcore Spike

Exquisite, handmade glass pipe featuring spikes around the bowl. Length: 14 cm.

Pipe Glass Molecule

This glass pipe by Red Eye was inspired by molecular structure. Watch the smoke pass through the spherical chambers before it reaches your mouth. The longer path allows the smoke to cool.

Pipe Glass Sherlock Eye

Sherlock Holmes had a keen eye and enjoyed a smoke from his mahogany pipe. The Sherlock Eye is what happens when you attempt to combine these two into one glass pipe.

Pipe glass Solid Spoon

Glass spoon pipes with built-in ash catcher. Available in various colours.

Available in: green blue

Pipe glass spoon (iridescent)

Classic Red Eye glass spoon pipe made of clear iridescent glass.

Pipe Glass Stand Up Mushroom

Tiny mushroom pipe with a mushroom cap as mouth piece. The bowl is flat on top so you can put the pipe in an upright position. Colour may vary.

Pipe glass Willy B

With only 8 centimetres, it's the perfect pocket pipe. No need to leave home without it.

Available in: bleu/rouge bleu/vert vert bleu

Pipe hardwood Al 'Scarface' Capone

Pipe en bois originale Les Affranchis pour une fumée criminellement bonne. Donne la sensation d'être le chef d'une association criminelle socialement sophistiqué.

Pipe hardwood Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel

Pipe en bois vintage au nom de 'Bugsy' Siegel, bosselée autour du foyer.

Pipe hardwood Carlo 'Don Carlo' Gambino

Cette pipe en bois originale correspond parfaitement à l'image des Affranchis, des gars sages et des parrains du crime.

Pipe hardwood Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano

La pipe parfaite pour préparer un braquage ou deux.

Pipe hardwood George ‘Bugs’ Moran

Une pipe au modèle classique avec un tube courbé légèrement hexagonal.

Pipe hardwood John Gotti

Retro hardwood tobacco pipe to enjoy a smoke like a sir.

Pipe hardwood Leo Moceri

Vintage-style hardwood pipe with a slight bend in the stem.

Pipe hardwood Peter Milano

Official Goodfellas tobacco pipe with retro look and feel.

Pipe hardwood Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano

Pipe en bois robuste et fabriquée main pour fumer un tabac fort. Juste comme gangster Sammy 'The Bull' l'aimait.

Pipe hardwood Vinny 'Gorgeous' Basciano

Un bon gangster mérite une bonne pipe, et cette pipe en bois Vinny Basciano fabriquée main fait certainement partie des meilleures. Un classique élégant et intemporel.

Red Eye One Hitter

A handmade glass one hitter pipe from Red Eye, featuring a pinched mouthpiece.